Collaborations across VADC research cores, UVA schools and departments, and the community are central to the mission of the VADC. 

Dr. Eyo and group laughing
VADC investigators gather. Photo credit - Tom Daly.

Well established connections and interactions between the VADC research cores make up the foundation of the Center and support the success of ADRD researchers across UVA. 

Examples of how our cores work together include: 

  • Clinical Core (CC) and Outreach, Engagement & Recruitment Core (OREC) partner to share research results with the community and help to recruit community participation in the clinical cohort of research participants. 
  • Data Management and Statistical Core (DMSC) partners with OREC to track community participation and engagement. 
  • Neuropathology Core (NPC) provides approved tissue and cell specimens to the Basic Science Core (BSC). 
  • Research Education Component (REC) interacts with the leaders of all Cores to provide comprehensive training to VADC scholars. 
  • Administrative Core (AC) coordinates all Cores to facilitate partnerships, to lead strategic activities, and to maintain the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the program.
  • CC, with the help of AC and DMSC, interacts with all Cores to ensure bidirectional sharing of data analyzed, validation of biomarkers and other diagnostic measures, and to share any new methods developed for incorporation into next-phase studies. 
  • Biomarker Core (BMC) provides PET & MR scanning services and biomarker testing to BSC and CC for basic science, translational, and human studies. 
  • AC organizes regular events and meetings to bring researchers together for project updates and team building activities.

Want to partner with us?

We are always interested in building new partnerships and in facilitating access for ADRD researchers to our shared infrastructure. Please contact us to discuss how we may partner with you. 

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